Q: Where and When?

A: Saturday 24th March at the Myland Community Council Offices at 101 Nayland Road, 8 – 11am.

Q: Can I park outside?

A: Parking is limited in Nayland Road. Please walk if you can, but you can park in the Dog and Pheasant car park in Nayland Rd (our thanks to them).

Q: Who can apply?

A:  Myland only residents, Community/Volunteers groups, and Schools. Your postcode and house number/name will be recorded so the distribution can be monitored.

Q: What plants are available?

A: Over 400 popular trees, shrubs and fruit bushes (Acer Campeste, Betula Pendula, Comus aba Sibrica, Comus Flaviremea, Corylus avellane, Forsythia, Prunus padus, blackcurrant, gooseberries, raspberries).

Q: How many can I have?

A: Up to 5 plants per household, or up to 15 plants per Community/Volunteer Group, or School

Q: How do I order?

A: Ring MCC on 01206 853400 or go to the office at 101, Nayland Road.  Please order as soon as possible.  Remember stocks are limited.

The office is only open for limited hours this week due to staff holiday, but if you leave a message we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Q: Will there be any available on the day?

A: Perhaps.  We will post on the MCC website and Facebook page. But it is best to order before the day.  And it helps us get ready!

Q: If I have questions?

A: Ring the office on 01206 853400, talk to the Clerks, Denise or Katherine.

Q: In summary?

A: Collect up to 5 free trees or shrubs from the Myland Community Council offices at 101, Nayland Rd on Saturday 24th March between 8 – 11am.  Or up to 15 if a community organization. Order before and as soon as you can.   Please walk, or if you must drive, please park at the Dog and Pheasant.  Orders or questions contact the office on 01206 853400.


Colchester Borough Council have for 12 years had a very successful ‘trees for year’’ event, much liked and over-subscribed.   MCC as part of their Community Action Plan have agreed to help ‘Green the Parish’ by action including this initiative and like CBC to promote ‘healthy eating and the environment’.

MCC ‘s ‘Trees for Years’ is more modest than CBC’s taking a baseline of 1576 when ‘Saxtons Map’ of Essex showed ‘Myle end’, St Michael’s Church, a wooded landscape and what was perhaps Chesterwell Wood.  That’s a nice link to this MCC’s ‘Green the Parish’ initiative and will see 442 new shrubs and trees across Myland.