Community Working Group

Next meeting: 20th March 2017.

The focus of this Working Group is currently being reviewed to see how the Council can make it more effective. For the moment, it will be concentrating on the 2017 Myland Fete. If you would be interested in helping out with this popular event, either beforehand or on the day itself, please contact the MCC office on 01206 853400 or email

The Community Working Group meets once a month. It is made up of both Councillors and residents and at present has a wide brief:

War Memorial

MCC has taken on responsibility for the War Memorial at the entrance to Braiswick Lane and the Community Group makes recommendations to full Council meetings when necessary. Last year we arranged for it to be cleaned and some minor repairs undertaken. We are also in the process of looking at adding names of those who have lost their lives in conflicts since the Second World War.

We have considered the possibility of removing one of the plaques to assess the state of the stone underneath. However, when the plaques were added ten years ago, expert advice was that the surface had deteriorated to the extent that it would not be possible to either make corrections to existing names or to add new ones. For the moment, we will be leaving the Memorial as it is, but we keep the situation under review. The War Memorial Trust have been very helpful with advice about this and other matters to do with the Memorial.

Community Garden

The Garden is on Mill Road by the NAR traffic lights. Over the winter it has been a bit neglected but now spring is coming we hope to involve local schools and also any residents who would be interested in helping out.

The Mylander

Cllr Catherine Clouston is the editor and the Assistant Clerk looks after the advertising of the magazine. The Community Group provides support to them when needed and also considers such things as adding colour (as this involves significant additional cost) and reviewing the balance of advertising to editorial content.

Bus shelters etc

The Group will consider requests for additional community benefits such as benches, bus shelters and dog bins.


The Group is currently looking at improving the content and appearance of the noticeboards so that they provide an effective means of communicating with residents.


Annual Community Fete

This year the Group has taken back responsibility for the Fete which is held on August Bank Holiday Monday every year. The Fete in August last year was a fantastic success but we can’t rest on our laurels for too long – we are already starting to look at this year’s event!