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Myland Community Action Plan

The MCC Community Action Plan – How Can We Help?


The Myland Community Council is here to support you – their local community. This can be direct action, working with others such as Colchester Borough Council or by helping those who help others.   Three examples agreed in July:


  • £150 towards the work of Make Lunch Myland as they provide help to those in need through the summer holidays
  • £417 to Colchester Villa Football Club to replace the football posts trashed by travelers in Mill Road
  • £500 to our local hospital, to Lexden maternity Ward to make those anxious and expectant visitor stays more comfortable!


And another grant agreed yesterday:


  • £1000 towards the End of Life Time Garden at Colchester General, to help their fundraising towards ‘a place for quiet contemplation, peaceful reflection and privacy for patients who are dying, and their relatives’.


We welcome your suggestions for further such good causes!  Large or small let us know, they might just be ‘more benches to sit and watch the world go by – or to keep an eye on the children’!  Who do you know working for local benefit, raising funds and needing some extra help?


MCC may be also be able to help, working with others, on local infrastructure. These would be the very small scale but eyesore/problem areas and issues that can bug us all.  Tell us where and send a picture,  If we can’t help we will raise it with others!  We still have some green space but never enough. So MCC is going to ‘Green Your Parish’.  Where do you think we might plant some mature trees or otherwise ‘green’ our community?  Provide location details and a picture if you can!


Anything else? We have had some suggestions already: swings on the Rosewood development play area, new benches at the Mill Rd Park, exercise equipment (wherever we can!) and benches parallel to Maximus Drive.  If you have any other ideas or views on the above – let your MCC Councillors know! Or contact the MCC Office or the lead Cllr David King on 07738522641 or email



David King

MCC – Contact Mobile: 07738522641

Myland Fete – Can you help??


We are still looking for stalls and entertainment – if you are interested in coming along to promote your charity or business please let us know! If you have any ideas for entertainment we would love to hear from you and we also need raffle and tombola prizes. These can be dropped off at the office weekday mornings – a constructive way to declutter your home!

We are desperately seeking volunteers to help on the day!!! The fete can only continue with support from the community so if you can spare any time at all on the day, even if just an hour, please contact Helen – 853400 or

Thank you!



July Snapshot

Community Questions – New Developments in Myland.

New to the area? Just moved to the Chesterwell, Severalls or other developments? Or just wanting to know more about new developments and the future of north Colchester?

Here’s the MCC Top 5 — our ‘snapshot’ as of July 2017!  Updates will follow!

Q1. How many new homes will be built? When and where? 

A1. This will depend on planning consents, builder progress and the housing market – so it is difficult to say with precision! But what we know suggests an extra 1500 homes at Chesterwell and 700 at Severalls and some 300 off Mill Road at the site of the Rugby Club.  Chesterwell and Severalls are underway, building will continue for many years, up towards the A12 and in an arc below it towards Colchester North Station.

Q2. Will the local traffic infrastructure be enough?

A2.  The Northern Approach Road has been very helpful but we share concerns about the impacts on other local roads. Traffic light ‘phasing’ will be monitored and adjusted by Essex County Council as needed to cope with changing volumes.  And there is a recognition that North Station traffic management needs investment — but when is not yet known. There will not be any light railway or new means to travel! But bus services will be extended and there will be cycle and footpaths from the new housing down towards North Station and towards Colchester centre.

Q3.  Will there be shops and facilities on the new developments?

A3.  Yes! How many and what is not yet known, but we expect from outline plans local shops and supermarkets.  From past consultation locally MCC hopes this would include coffee shops, a GP surgery and so on, perhaps a pub! but we await the details. There will be new community centres, on Severalls and Chesterwell, the trigger points being progress on the developments, so our best guess now is perhaps 5 years away or 2022 or so.

Q4.  What about green space?

A4.   An additional parcel of nearby land will be allocated by extension of the current Fords Lane recreation grounds in Mile End.  This will house one of the new community centres and could include new sports facilities and or open space on which MCC will seek local views. Chesterwell Wood will be retained as part of a wider park extending to the A12.  Some 4.5 hectares of land at the Mill Road Rugby grounds will be kept as open space (village green) which is 11-12 acres.  The new developments will also retain some ‘green’ areas as with the grassy paths and meadow grass and flowers by Fords Lane and some fine old trees as on the Bloor developments.

Q5. What is the MCC role? How can they help as north Colchester develops?

A5. MCC will help ensure Colchester Borough Council and Essex County Council know what the local community needs. In partnership with them and by engagement with the developers we hope to make the most of what we have and will see develop. We will equip the new community centres and related facilities. We will make community improvements wherever we can, on which we will consult. And we will share what we know when we can, as a community and information hub for others.


For more information contact the Clerk , Council Chair or other councillors and, as MCC lead on communications, please come back and tell me how helpful this was – and what else would be useful!

Cllr David King

Mobile 07738522641

Colchester Borough Council Local Plan Consultation


Colchester Borough Council has published the Draft Publication Local Plan.

It is subject to a six week period of public consultation running from Friday 16 June 2017 until Friday 11th August  2017.

The new Plan will set out the strategy for the growth of the Borough up to 2033 and beyond, including the type, location, quantity and timing of new development. The new Local Plan will set out the Council’s ideas for the long term aims and aspirations of the Borough taking into account national guidance and evidence. It will include policies and land allocations that help to deliver them.

You can use our online consultation system to make representations during the Local Plan public consultation at the website Further information on using the online consultation system and making representations will be available on the consultation website.

For information about making representations in other ways contact us on 01206 282473/282476/282975 or via E-mail –

Hard copies of the Plan and related information are available at Colchester Central Library during normal opening hours.

For further information on the Local Plan consultation, please click on the links below.

52774 Local Plan Leaflet 2017 Final

Final Local Plan A3 Poster 2017 (002)

Calling all Mylanders – WE NEED YOU!!

Myland Fete – August Bank Holiday Monday
August 28th 2017, 12-4pm

We need volunteers to:

  • help organise entertainment and stalls prior to the fete;
  • help with setting up on the day or running a stall;
  • help with taking down at the end of the event;
  • donate prizes for the raffle;
  • donate prizes for the tombola.

Even an hour or two of your time would make a difference and contribute to the success of this popular event.

Or perhaps you are a potential stallholder who would like a pitch at our fete to sell your products or share information on your charity or community group?

Our aim is to make this event a fun, family afternoon with something for everybody.  This can only be achieved through the goodwill of volunteers. Many hands make light work and life more interesting!

If you are able to help please contact either myself or Katherine.  By email or

or phone on 853400.

Helen Harris

Clerk & RFO

Myland Community Council

Colchester Borough Council – Recycling & Rubbish 2017

In June 2017 CBC will be making some changes to their recycling and rubbish collections.

“We will be making some changes to our recycling and waste collections from June 2017. These changes will help us to focus on recycling more, which is something we all need to do to help preserve our environment.

These plans will reduce the impact that we have on our environment and cut down on what we put into landfill.

We know that change can sometimes be rather daunting, but we will try our best to make this as uncomplicated as possible.

These changes, which were approved by Cabinet on Tuesday 20 of December 2016, include:

  • Wheelie bins will be introduced to some areas of our Borough. More information on these areas will be available from Spring 2017.
  • Introducing fortnightly collections of black sacks.
  • Setting the maximum number of black sacks per household to three.
  • We will no longer provide a delivery of free black sacks every year.
  • Food waste will still be collected every week.
  • Free clear bags will be delivered and remain available from your local collection point.
  • White garden bags will be free from June 2017.
  • We encourage the use of a second green box so that glass and cans can be separated, which is available to pick up now from your local stockists.

Other recycling collections will remain unchanged. Please carry on using the recycling containers you already have for paper, plastics, cans, glass, textiles, food and green waste.

If you live in a flat and have a communal area from which your rubbish and recycling is collected then these changes will not affect you.

Until June 2017, when the changes will be introduced, please put your rubbish and recycling out as normal.”


For more information click on:

Village Green for Myland

Residents of Myland Community will be aware of the Northern Gateway Project which intends to create a sporting and leisure hub in North Colchester. Myland Community Council has been working with both our colleagues in Colchester Borough Planning and the developers to ensure that what is delivered is right for Myland. The project consists of two sections. The Northern part will consist of a new Sports Stadium located on the north side of the A.12 trunk road. The Southern section will extend from United Way to Axial Way and Mill Road. It is envisaged that the current users of Mill Road Sports Field will be relocated to the new stadium with the exception of the cricketers who will re locate to Mile End Recreation Ground, Ford’s Lane. The northwest part of the southern section will house a new multiplex cinema and restaurants. All of this is, of course, subject to planning permission.

North Colchester has sustained much new home builds and Myland Community Council welcomes this project and views it as giving something back to our community. One area we are particularly pleased with is the Village Green.

Myland Community Council has campaigned for some time now for the retention of a good part of the Mill Road Sports Field as a Village Green. In this we have had the full support of Councillor Gerard Oxford and his colleagues in Highwoods Ward as well as the Myland Ward Councillors. We are pleased to say that via the Myland & Braiswick Neighbourhood Plan, adopted by Colchester Borough Council December 2016, we have a guarantee of a minimum of 4.5 hectares (about 12 acres) set aside for a Village Green.

The Village Green will integrate with the rest of the Southern section but exactly how is still being planned. The addition of the Village Green open space at Myland’s eastern boundary and the improvements planned for Ford’s Lane on the western side will mean valued green space is retained for the benefit of our community. As always the views of our residents are important and we welcome your comments.

Cllr John Stewart

Chairman Myland Community Council

A Village Green for Myland?

As part of the Northern Gateway Project, Colchester Borough Council plan to move Colchester Rugby Club to a new site and utilise Mill Road Sports Ground to build housing which will part fund the move. MCC want to preserve all our green space and we are therefore proposing to apply for “Village Green” status to protect the sports ground. We want to preserve this essential local green space for our community to enjoy.

For more information