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Cllr Pauline Bacon – photo to follow

I was born Pauline Warner (now Bacon) in nearby Langham and I moved to the New Town area of  Colchester in 1972. However my connection to Myland goes back to 1912 when my Dad was born in Nayland Road, his parents having moved here from Staffordshire. My Granddad was working on the construction of the new Severall’s Hospital. My Mum and Grandmother were also born  in Langham. North Essex and South Suffolk has been the home to most of my family throughout my life so I have always been a frequent visitor to the area.

I have lived in Colchester, North Norfolk & South London during my life having experienced living in a range of locations including a small rural village, small towns and a London suburb before returning “home” to Colchester which is much changed from the town I left at 21 years old.

I live in a flat on Nayland Road that I bought in 2007 but initially I was spending a lot of time with my then partner in London.  I have commuted from Colchester station and I know first-hand about the problems of train delays with leaves on the line, snow, overhead power failures and signalling problems.

After my Mum developed dementia and was in poor physical health I came back to live in Colchester permanently and later I changed my job to work also work locally. In my working life I have worked in retail, engineering, IT, education and most recently in social care. I currently work for Suffolk County Council based in Ipswich hospital on discharge planning.

After my Mum died in 2016 I had some time and started to look for some involvement in the local community. I had previously been a Parish Councillor in North Norfolk in the 1990’s. I noticed in the council’s Mylander magazine that there was a vacancy for a local Councillor and enquired if this was still available. After an interview with the Chairman and Clerk I attended the next MCC meeting and I was co-opted onto Myland Council in June 2017. I am keen to learn and I am so far really enjoying the experience.

My particular passion as a Councillor is for MCC to increase our community engagement with residents particularly those who are less fortunate including the elderly and their carers and those suffering with physical and mental disabilities.

Cllr Clare Bailey – photo and biography to follow
Cllr Richard Beauchamp
I was co-opted onto the Council in 2008 and elected in May 2011. I have enjoyed helping Myland’s organisation and activities.Immensely concerned that pressures of population are wrecking our environment and neighbourhood not only here but across the planet. Keen to champion the best interests of people that are here today and here tomorrow.Currently involved in the Footpaths and the Severalls Community Centre Working Groups and the Gilberd Neighbourhood Action Panel.
Cllr Catherine Clouston
I have lived in Mile End for twenty years (after many years in Asia), and have witnessed enormous changes to our environment and within our community over that period.  I have four children, four Labradors, teach part-time and am a Governor at a local school.  I was elected to Myland Community Council in May 2011 and have been editor of The Mylander since February 2012.  Life is quite full.
Cllr David Clouston
I hope I can be of some use to the community by serving on the Myland Community Council. There are some big issues under consideration. What happens in the next few years will determine the character of Braiswick and Mile End for the next century.
Cllr Marina de Smith – photo and biography to follow 
Cllr John Dickson
I have lived in Mile End since 1990 and I was co-opted onto the parish council in 2012. I would like to protect and improve the character of Mile End and ensure that any new development doesn’t destroy the rural environment and retain the special qualities of Mile End parish. My interests are:- Gardening, Music, Reading, Supporting Colchester Us football team, keeping fit in order to stay healthy.
Cllr Adrian Ellis – photo and biography to follow
Cllr Martin Goss (Vice-Chair)
Semi handsome, energetic, caring and passionate Councillor who wants the best for all Community Council customers. I look after Myland East and will be doing my absolute best for all residents along with the other excellent Community Councillors.
Cllr Alan Hayman 
Born in Colchester, I have lived in Myland Parish since 1993 and on Turner Rise since 1997. A former Borough and County Councillor, I was co-opted onto Myland Council in the summer of 2017, having previously served for some years on its Complaints Committee. I believe MCC has a vital role to play in shaping the future of our fast-expanding local community.
Cllr Pete Hewitt (Chairman)
My interests are literature, local history and the natural environment. I would like to see Colchester do more to protect and promote its rural and historical legacy and, for Myland in particular, I want to see a stop to the destruction of our greenfield and wildlife environments.
Cllr Alison Jay
I was delighted to be co-opted onto Myland Community Council in July 2016 and I hope that having lived in Myland since 1993 I can reflect on behalf of local residents both the joys and frustrations of living here and look towards its’ future. I have been a London commuter, am a parent of a teenager at school in Colchester and in the past have been a school Governor, Chair of a PTA and Chair of the local NCT branch. I now work as a Finance officer at a local Community Centre. I believe I have an understanding of the issues which are important to residents looking for a balance of development of the facilities we need and a desire to keep what makes Myland a community I want to continue living in.
Cllr Robert Johnstone 
I have been a Councillor since 2003. My aim is to increase and improve the facilities and services for people who live in Myland.
SELF (3)
Cllr David King
I am new to Myland as one of the first arrivals in 2016 to the new Chesterwell development. But I have had family in Mile End or Highwoods (or nearby Boxted) for many years. Having had a long and varied career in public service, within the Senior Civil Service in the UK and abroad, I know how important it is to have good governance and community consultation. I want to help MCC to be effective, listening to what residents need and to the extent we can, to keep the best of what we have – including green space, paths and play areas – as Myland grows and changes.
John Stewart
Cllr John Stewart
I have lived in Myland Parish since 2003, was co-opted on to the Council in 2013 and elected in May 2015. Having had a long and varied career in public service, working closely with local communities, I have an appreciation of the value of community consultation. Being Chair of the Planning & Development Policy Committee and also the lead on the Myland Village Green application enables me to work towards the protection of our community’s green areas.


Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer: Mrs Denise Humphris
Assistant Clerk
Mrs Katherine Kane: tel. 01206 853400, email
Street Officer: Herbert Duin
The Street Officer works on a four week rota keeping the parish litter-free. He also looks after the bus shelters. If you are aware of any particular problems please contact the Parish Office and we will ask him to deal with it as soon as possible. To view the rota, please click on the link below.